DND New Group Opening

The Games Den has 2 spots in a new Dungeons & Dragons campaign starting in January 2016 – exact date to be confirmed. The group will meet every Wednesday. This group will follow the Out of the Abyss campaign setting.

Cost: $20 Dollars per month.
What do costs cover? The use of Dnd Books, Minis, Supplies, DM, Basic Dice. You will not need to own anything to join this group.

Please contact us to reserve your spot in our next adventure.

If you are a DM – we are always looking for people to host more games so feel free to send us a message.


Holiday Trading Hours

Christmas Day (Friday 25th) : Closed
Boxing Day (Saturday 26th) : 11am till 8pm
New Year’s Eve (Thursday 31st) Closed
New Year’s Day (Friday 1st) Closed

All other days are normal trading hours.

We wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas and New Years and look forward to another great year with our community.

SCG Modern Game Night on Tuesdays

Sydney Magic Community,

The Games Den proudly brings you Star City Games Game Night. Every Tuesday from 7pm we are hosting Modern as part of the SCG Game Night program.

This means players will have a chance to win the exclusive foil creature collection tokens as well as unique creature collection pins. Every Tuesday there are 2 pins and 8 tokens plus lots of additional prizes to be won.

Every player gets a prize. All prizes are laid out and picked based on standings. This means everyone gets something cool and the higher you finish, the better your prize is.

Every month there is a new creature!


Come along and join our awesome community!

Opening Hours, 12th – 15th of March

G’day gamers,

We’re going to be heading out to GP Auckland at the end of this week, so for this week only our opening hours will be slightly different:

Thursday 12/3: 11 am to 8 pm
Friday 13/3: 1 pm to 8 pm
Sat 14/3:  11 am to 7 pm
Sunday 15/3: 11 am to 6 pm

Looking forward to seeing you in store, and if you’re heading down to New Zealand for the GP, best of luck!

Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier for Vancouver

The Games Den is holding a PPTQ on the last weekend possible. Saturday February the 21st.

The format is modern and deck lists will be required.
Come and join us for your last chance to get an invite to Regional ProTour Qualifier ( RPTQ ) held at The Games Laboratory in April.

Interstate Player ?????
Well we have some great news. There is also the final Australian open PTQ on the day after this. So why not travel to Sydney and have 2 last chance events in the same weekend.

Tickets can be bought online at :

It will be a great day with plenty of prizes so come and join the fun.

GPT Mexico City – Sealed – Sponsored by POP-A-Lot Super Series.

We have once again acquired Pop-a-Lot Super Series Sponsorship for one of our massive up coming events.

Saturday November 15th – GPT Mexico City – Sealed.

That’s right The Games Den will be holding a GPT for Mexico city and has the FULL Pop-A-Lot Prize Support.

Minimum Prize Pool:
1st Place $400
2nd Place $200
3rd Place $100
4th Place 10 Boosters
5th – 8th 7 Boosters
9th – 16th 5 Boosters
Plus, everyone gets one booster per match win.

This will be a Khans of Tarkir Sealed event, Entry will be $40 dollars preregistered or $50 on the day, Seats are limited so Book yours today at http://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/pop-a-lot11-sealed-games-den-tickets-13544101773?aff=erelexporg

Exciting news for Sydney’s magic community.

There will also be plenty of side events all afternoon.