About Us

The Games Den is a trading card, board game and hobby store.

We buy, sell and trade Magic: The Gathering cards. We sell a range of unique board games. Pop in and use our space to play a game from our board game library.

At The Games Den we believe community is the core of a good store. We aim to offer everyone a fun-filled environment, an incredible play space and the most helpful staff.

We regularly organize events for all levels of players. If you’re looking for somewhere to test for the next major event, or you would love to learn a new game then we have something for you.

Our feature match area and streaming facilities can be used to showcase any of your favorite. Our monitors around the store will be streaming coverage from all over the world.

If you love games as much as we do, then drop in and join our community. Our friendly staff have a huge wealth of experience in many games and are happy to help you reach any level of play you dream of.

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